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Ltechnica Biuro Tłumaczeń, Katowice

Our services - translation and interpretation.

My name is Ryszard Sierotnik. For seven years I have been translating technical documentations, tender documents, business correspondence, specifications, technical standards and similar documents. As an interpreter, I have taken part in important business and unofficial meetings and negotiations, supporting my clients in reaching their goals. Most of the translations are performed personally by me but I do cooperate with highly professional translators with different fields of interest or translating in different language pairs. If you need a translation to or from Polish, or you are planning a meeting in Poland and you need an interpreter- please use the contact data provided above.


Contact a person, not a corporation.

We approach the needs of each client individually. We are not a corporation. Your request will be handled by the business owner (speaking both Polish and English) and will always be given high priority. In a small translation company, ensuring high quality is absolutely essential. Your documents will always be proofread and we will always complete our projects on time. 

Ltechnica Biuro Tłumaczeń


The prices are provided in each quote individually, depending on the type of text, the number of translators working on a project, the required deadline and other factors. Although being based in Poland we may issue invoices providing the amounts in the clients' currency. Paypal payments are also accepted.

Company data:

LTechnica Ryszard Sierotnik
ul. Katowicka 44/13
40-173 Katowice
NIP: 6272519564
REGON: 242619338

Tel. 698-209-753

or, alternatively:

Account: ING Bank Śląski PL27 1050 1243 1000 0090 9113 1152

We are a translation company based in Poland providing Polish and English translation and interpretation services.